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Smart Factory

Advanced Factory Management Solution for process control through the data collected from the machines and production lines. Make accurate analysis of planned production against actual progress without spread sheets.

Improving Productivity Year on Year

Machine Communication

Connecting all the machines in production and utility – globally

Production Analytics

Real time analytics on planned versus actual data

Schedule to Dispatch

Effective control on scheduling till dispatch of goods

Energy Management

Energy monitoring and control for the entire plant for huge energy savings

Remote Monitoring

By connecting all the machines, remotely manage the entire factory

Production Data Management

Effective management of the huge production data from the plants

Moving towards Industry 4.0

Digital Manufacturing has never been so easy

Increase Productivity

Our solution increases the fully-productive-time versus Planned Production Time by controlling the availability, Performance & Quality of the machines and parts

Improve Performance

Our solution keeps track of all the inefficiencies of the shop-floor and provides real time information to keep the factory running at high performance.

Get live shopfloor data

Get the live production data, performance data, maintenance data, quality data, schedule, dispatch and other multiple parameters to assess the entire plant.

Next generation Smart-Factory Solutions

Digital Manufacturing

You will be far behind if you are slow-moving. Harness every possible digital advance &  Begin to make progress to great success.

Our Smart Factory Solution Features

Effective Machine Utilization

Our solution improves the machine utilisation by proper communication & analysis to maximize overall equipment effectiveness

Factory Asset Management

All the machines in production, utility and other assets are connected in a network and managed through our integrated solution

Production Data Correlation

Production data are collected, compared and analyzed with the historical data, planned data and set values for error trends

Production Data Accessibility

The production related information is made available to different stake holders across the organization with access control

Production Data Analytics

The analytics of the big data collected from factory is done in multiple representations for making informed decisions

Flexibility for System Integration

Our solution can be integrated to other enterprise applications already implemented for easy exchange of information

Transform to Smart Factory

Moving up the Manufacturing Value Chain to unlock enormous value


…Changing the Manufacturing Landscape…

Roadmap to Smart Factory Solution

Clouddews Smart Factory services provide you a systematic approach in solution deployment for your factory from concept to Implementation


Smart Factory Due Diligence

Initial study of the existing set up and preparation


Piloting & Implementation

Our solution piloting with one small area in the factory


Roll Out & Go Live

Full scale implementation of the system and roll out

Integration of interconnected systems and Internet of Things (IoT) in the manufacturing landscape

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