Project Management

Delivering the Project on Time



Certified Project Management Professionals with project management experience are part of our team. The professionals have their industry experience to better manage the projects. They have managed large projects throughout the project lifecycle.


Project Management Processes are well defined and laid out for every stage in the project. These processes are as per the international standards followed in project management profession. Process templates & best practices are available with us to manage the projects.


Project Management expertise available in managing engineering projects, IT Projects, Engineering IT related projects, Infrastructure projects and process industry projects. The domain expertise with project management skills bring success.

Scope Management

Time Management

Cost Management

Quality Management

Risk Management

Resource Management

Stakeholder Management


CLOUDDEWS is an engineering services company which provides engineering services, engineering IT services, Project Management Services and Consulting Services to discrete and process industries across globe. As part of our consulting services, we provide project management services to industries. Clouddews has grown to be a perfect partner for many businesses for project management and programme management due to its in depth experience in consulting. Our commitment in project management services help businesses  to realize the maximum benefit in the projects and completion on time. Every project is delivered with energy and innovation to reinforce the company’s image as a leader in consulting Services. We are the source of inspiration for several customers globally, Clouddews is an ideal partner with a blend of dependable, reliable and long term strategy in project management & consulting services.

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