concept to production

Product Design

New Product Design and Product Engineering services covering the entire product life-cycle from conceptualization to design and manufacturing.

FEA Analysis

Engineering simulation, analysis, virtual validation through high end computational techniques and other validation tools for any component or system.

Prototype and Testing

Concept verification by prototype and testing for every design, system functionality checking, performance testing of products and reliability testing.

Product Lifecycle

Services in IT Applications space such as PLM, EAM, Engineering Data and Process Management and Manufacturing Execution system and GIS.


We do the value engineering and value analysis for various engineering products to ensure all the features and associated costs bring value.

Reverse Engineering

We do re-engineering of products and bring the design documentation with additional features and value through a systematic well defined process.

Continuous Improvement

We do continuous improvement projects using various methodologies to improve the process efficiency,product value, productivity and efficiency.

Product Consolidation

We do thorough study of different product configurations in the existing product line and consolidate the products and parts to optimize the system.


Experience Engineering

Use our Engineering Design Services

System Design

We design the complete system for a particular engineering application like hydraulic system design, pneumatic system design, drive system etc.

Concept Design

We develop concepts for engineering requirements using basic principles and evaluate those concepts considering different factors applicable.

Detailed Design

We make detail design for the new or existing system on the basis of engineering design principles and calculations considering design parameters.

Tool / Machine Design

We design the special purpose machines, jigs, fixtures, cutting tools, and any special tools required for manufacturing the components or assembly.


We Think > We Aspire > We Question > We Dream > We Dare > We Experiment > We Invent > We Create 

You imagine the impossible, and then.. We will just do it

Consulting Services

Clouddews provides consulting services to industries for a short period at the sites. Due-Diligence is carried out in a systematic way to capture the current scenario, business pain areas and to-be scenario. Our expert consultants will provide the recommendations in the process and technology perspective.