• New Product Design & Development upto Manufacturing, Revamping Existing Products
  • Factory and Process Automation, Special Purpose Machines, Real time data monitoring
  • Plant layout optimisation, P&ID, Simulation
  • Application support in IT/software used in Engineering & Manufacturing space
  • Consulting services and due-diligence in product and process improvement

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Application support, upgrade and maintenance services for

  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Product Life-cycle Management
  • Enterprise asset management – production and utilities
  • Engineering Data and process management
  • Mobility applications

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Transform Your Product Engineering

Discover how Clouddews can help you for product success

Savings in R&D Cost

Our business model and your long term engagement with us helps you to achieve the cost savings.

Timely Product Release

Product launch in the market can be done much faster with our services and gain market share easily.

Savings in Fixed Costs

Eliminate your recurring fixed costs by outsourcing to us and thereby improve your margin.

Increase Sales Volume

Bring your customer choices and preferences into your products with our due-diligence models.

Make in Digital Factory through Process Automation

Discover how Clouddews can help you for Manufacturing

Productivity Increase

Special purpose machines, special fixtures, process automation helps to achieve high productivity.

Quick Delivery

Special machines, real time data and automation in assembly helps to deliver the product quickly.

Cost Savings

Production costs are reduced by avoiding usage of high capacity machines through automation.

Minimize rejection

The rejection of products and parts are reduced by automation, manufacturing execution systems.

Achieve KPIs in Process Plant to meet Business Goals

Discover how Clouddews can help you for your plant Engineering

Improve plant output

The plant output can be increased by monitoring the related parameters on real time.

Less down time

The plant will be monitored on real time as well through predictive maintenance applications..

Improve efficiency

The efficiency will be improved by measuring/monitoring all the related parameters.

Opex Savings

The energy/inputs are all measured/monitored & automation will help to save operational expenditure.

Preferred Strategic Partner for Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Product Engineering

Conceptual design to development till product launch

Engineering Services


Process automation, real time data monitoring, special purpose machines

Engineering Services

Plant Engineering

Plant layout, factory automation, piping, P&ID and control systems

Engineering Services

Engineering IT

PLM, IAM, MES, CAD automation, Engineering big data, LIMS

There’s always better Engineering.

Global Engineering Services

Comprehensive Engineering Services Portfolio

Single service provider with services ranging from product engineering to manufacturing and IT. Get access to specific technology expertise for your business needs to run trouble free operations.

Manufacturing and Supply of Products

Subsequent to design, manufacturing of parts and products or machines will be taken care and supply in small quantities or in bulk quantities. Get access to your specific domain expertise and add value to your business and shift your focus to core business operations.

Engineering IT/Software Support

The engineering services combines with engineering IT/software services help you to get complete service in one place with the understanding of your process and products. This will add benefits to your IT systems.

Mutual winnable business model

We align our business model to your business and make sure that you get benefits with our services. We will ensure that your spend on our services will bring cost benefits and value to your business.


Experiece technology – for moving the nonmoving

Engineering Services

Mobility in Engineering

IoT in Engineering

Engineering Services

Engineering in Cloud

Go Green

Intelligent Engineering

Mfg Operations Management

Global Engineering Services: Top ranking !

logo FB clouddewsClouddews is a flagship company in the global engineering services. We offer a comprehensive engineering services to customers to make state-of-the-art products. Our services help the customers to make great examples and contribute to the demanding market. Clouddews has grown to be a perfect partner for many businesses due to its in depth range of engineering services. Our commitment in engineering services make products that contribute to a higher level of business requirements. Every engineering services is delivered with energy and innovation to reinforce the company’s image as a leader in Engineering Services. We are the source of inspiration for more than 100+ customers globally, Clouddews is an ideal partner with a blend of dependable, reliable and long term strategy in engineering services.


What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with clients in discreet and process industries. We work across the globe with a clear focus as a strategic partner to achieve the business goals in a time-bound manner. We achieve the results with a joint participation. Our clients get the maximum benefit from our engagement.

What is your turn around time?

Our turn around time depends on the project requirement. Our agile and flexible engagement models helps our customers to get the results on priority basis.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Our engineers on need basis will be deputed to client locations for coordination purpose and packaging the work. Clients get maximum benefit if the work is executed in our locations. However, the model is flexible on need basis.

Our Values

  • We prove our work
  • You Pay on results
  • We Guarantee your savings
  • You get Core engineering expertise
  • We offer 24 x 7 x 365 support

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