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Industrial Process Automation

Assembly Automation

We design and develop customised assembly solutions for industries depending on the product, volume of production and the production process. We use robotic systems, single cell system, separate assembly lines, custom assembly machines, palletized Systems, vision System, rotary assembly and manually loaded machines as well.

Painting Automation

We do the painting process automation and avoid manual intervention to bring top quality results. Our automation system can apply material without leaving behind drips, inconsistencies, overspray, etc. Paint and/or coating is applied precisely and consistently. Sorting of components after painting can be done by the automation process.

Machining Automation

We provide solutions for the machine shop automation in parts loading and unloading in machines, Jigs, Fixtures and Gauges to fully Automated Assembly Systems. We develop special tooling also. Robots or automated mechanical systems will be adapted. Manufacturing data collection and real time monitoring will improve the productivity.

Inspection Automation

We automate the regular inspection process in a production line to reduce the manual inspection time and improve productivity. We bring the machine vision inspection system for product identification, surface finish inspection, measurement / dimension inspection, presence/absence checks, barcode reading and character recognition.

Welding Automation

We provide tooling for various welding processes, including Arc Welding, Spot Welding and Laser Welding. We integrate the Robot with their Jigs, Fixtures and Power source. Our automation process reduces inconsistent welds, improve welding by increasing speed, producing quality welds and reducing errors.

Packaging Automation

Our automation solution in packaging application makes packaging faster, precise and cost-efficient. Packing automation helps to avoid errors in packing and improve the productivity. Automation is flexible enough to handle frequent line changes. It Improves flexibility to accommodate larger product varieties and more diverse packaging sizes.


Automation Simplified


Our Focus

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Improve the Process Consistency and Part Consistency as well

Op Effectiveness

Increase the  machine utilisation and balance the production line


Predictive maintenance to run the plant seamlessly without any breakdown


Increase throughput, reduce downtime, avoid rework and lower the cycletime


Identify the defects at every stage and improve the inspection process

Track and Trace

Assign a code for every order and part, track and trace for its lifecycle

Operational Costs

Reduce labor costs and maintenance cost and avoid inspection costs

Risks and Safety

Avoid accident and get precaution alerts and manage the complexities


Less dependence on the skill of the operator and make machine intelligent

Special Purpose Machines

Metal Cutting Machines

We make special purpose machines in metal cutting applications for ferrous, non-ferrous and amorphous materials. We make custom machines by combining few operations and using PLC/CNC control along with automatic loading/unloading SPM/Production lines.

Machine Upgrade

We upgrade the existing machines by introducing additional features such as automatic loading / unloading, performance improvement, safety features. We make the machines into semi automatic or fully automatic depending on the needs.

Assembly Machines

We design and develop custom machines for making assembly with few parts automatically fed from various feeders. Parts orientation, alignment and quality checks will be automatically done to produce the part sub-assemblies using special fixtures.

Automated Fixtures

We have expertise in building fixtures with hydraulic / pneumatic clamping and locating features. We make automatic hydraulic fixtures for various applications such as machining, welding, testing, assembly, inspection or other processes as well.

Test Rigs

We develop test rigs for testing various parameters such as temperature, vibration, pressure, noise, flow rate, and many others in a part or assembly to validate the functional aspects of the equipment before it goes to the next stage in the production.

Material Handling

Raw material or finished parts have to be moved inside every plant to follow the process line. We optimise the material handling paths and make the material handling systems to reduce the unwanted movements in the factory.

Improving Productivity Year on Year

Connected Machines

Machine Communication

Connecting all the machines in production and utility – globally

Energy Management

Energy monitoring and control for the entire plant for huge energy savings

Production Analytics

Real time analytics on planned versus actual data

Remote Monitoring

By connecting all the machines, remotely manage the entire factory

Schedule to Dispatch

Effective control on scheduling till dispatch of goods

Production Data Management

Effective management of the huge production data from the plants




Our Automation Services...

We provide the complete automation solutions from concept generation, evaluation, mechanical system design, development, control systems selection / finalisation, information handling, management and analytics. Our scope includes design, manufacturing, integration and implementation.

The functional and technical expertise in Factory Automation exist with Clouddews along with their core technical engineering capability will help to achieve the complete success in the industrial automation portfolio. This unique engineering strength surpasses any other service providers and thereby customers see success and cost benefits !