Enterprise Asset Management

Achieving Asset Performance Excellence

Managing Assets. Maximizing Asset Performance

Improving Productivity. Reducing Downtime.

Asset Performance Management

Higher Asset Life

Using the technology and our best practices, we increase the asset operational life and availability of the assets for production and usage. This will increase the ROI of the assets.

Maximum Reliability

The output, quality, efficiency and consistency will be drastically improved by continuous asset performance management, thereby increase the machine and plant reliability.

Downtime Reduction

Our solutions will monitor the assets continuously and maintenance actions will be taken before the failure occurs. This helps to get very minimum downtime.

Eliminate the parts failure

Our Asset Management will continue to monitor the various parameters of the assets and provide indications of subsequent failures of other parts in the system.

Energy Management

We get the energy consumption at all the power input points & monitor the power consumption continuously to ensure optimum energy consumption level.

Increased Efficiency

By keeping the assets run in healthy conditions, the productivity, quality and consistency will improve there by increase the efficiency of the assets for its life time.

Predictive Maintenance : Increasing Reliability

Increased Safety

Our solutions monitor the assets for sudden failures, leakage, excess loading and other parameters. This will help to avoid any hazards and accidents.

Reverse Engineering

We do Reverse Engineering of the parts or systems to capture the original design intent if the asset OEM is out of business. This helps to use the assets for its life time.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Our solutions will monitor the assets continuously and maintenance actions will be taken before the failure occurs. This will reduce the overall maintenance cost.

Asset Tracking

Assets Tracking continuously for its life time right from installation till decommissioning and records will be useful for analysis and reporting to funding agencies.

Balance the Line

Predictive maintenance will keep the assets continue running and the flow within the industry can be balanced without any shortage / over flow in the system.

Asset Inventory

Using our solutions and services, Asset Inventory Management will be optimized due to predictive maintenance. This reduces the asset inventory costs across the plants.

Enterprise Asset Management : Software Application

Software Implementation

Our professional services team provides installation, implementation and testing of Asset Management softwares for industries.

Software Integration

We have expertise in the integration framework and help you to integrate the system to your external applications

EAM Software Upgrade

Our expert consultants provide services in Asset Management Software upgrade from one version to higher version across all sites.

EAM Software Customization

Our expert consultants customise and make enhancements using the open system architecture to suit individual requirements.

EAM Software Support

We provide 24×7 Asset Software support to maintain it without any issues to ensure you get maximum asset performance.

EAM Software Reporting

Our EAM consultants design reports / BIRT reports to suit your requirement from management level to user level in the factory.

Certified Professionals

Asset Maintenance Manuals

We provide Asset maintenance manuals for both physical assets and asset management software to effectively maintain the assets by the technicians and engineers without any trouble. The interactive electronic technical manuals will be much easier with mobile devices and onsite updates can be made instantly.

The functional and technical expertise in Enterprise Asset Management exist with Clouddews along with their core technical engineering capability will help to achieve the complete success in the enterprise asset management portfolio. This unique engineering strength surpasses any other IT corporates and thereby customers see success and cost benefits !

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