Digital Transformation

Transform your industry & join the Industry 4.0 revolution. It’s right time to make your products smart. Connect all your un-connected products & machines.

Smart Products

Building intelligent products that keep communicating to you.

Smart Machines

Machines that outperform with real-time data monitoring and control.

Smart Buildings

Building services that make the occupants productive using IoT.

Smart Cities

Cities with connected infrastructure services for better living.

Smart Appliances

Managing your home like never before with connected appliances.

Smart Manufacturing

Building intelligence into manufacturing with M2M-IoT.

Building smart system has never been so fun.

I o T   S o l u t i o n s

We provide Internet of Things (IoT) enterprise solutions to Industries for wide range of applications. Our core engineering experience together with IT experience, we can provide you the best IoT solutions for your applications.

Predictive Maintenance

Our PdM-IoT solutions help to determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed. This promises cost savings over preventive maintenance because tasks are performed only when warranted.

Improving performance

Real time performance data & historical performance data of the equipment will help you to continuously monitor the performance of the product / appliance / machine. This helps to improve the performance & efficiency of your product.

Ensuring safety

The overuse of the product, underuse or improper use of the product will have impact on the safety of the product and the safety of the users. By monitoring the continuous performance, the safety of the product and the safety of the users are ensured.


Billion Devices


Smart Systems

Million Applications

Reduce Operation Cost. Improve Product Reliability.

Internet of Things

IoT connects all the un-connected devices in your business. It helps to connect your product, equipment or machine in the field to cloud system and collects the data and perform analytics.

Sensors & Devices

Key operational data related to product performance,safety and maintenance parameters are collected at speed and volume using the sensors and devices fitted in the product

Data Security

The data collected from the equipment and the devices are handled through the network and cloud in a very secured way using the approved protocols in communications network

Data Correlation

Compare the data with the contextual data like mean time between replacement, mean time between failures, maintenance history of the product, safety failures of product and the user


Analytics will be done with all the data collected from the devices installed in the equipment. The analytics will help to predict what might happen to a the equipment given its current operational state and history

Health Check

Health status of the current condition of the equipment based on the key parameters like temperature, noise, vibration, speed and others are assessed and intelligence decisions are made


Our system is scalable and hosted globally, built for performance to handle device loads in the millions. Our sytems has several deployment models for different industry needs

Implement IoT Technology

Bringing life to your business by connecting all your equipment, devices and collecting the real-time data to have a closed loop system for better control and efficient system. Enterprise level software alone can not bridge this gap.

Roadmap to IoT Deployment

Clouddews-IoT services provide you a systematic approach for IoT deployment for your business from concept to Implementation



Choose the right application of IoT in your business


Functional Prototyping

Make the working prototype of the IoT concept


Full scale implementation

Test and implement the system in full scale

IoT in 20 Weeks

  • Concepts 5% 5%
  • Prototype 20% 20%
  • Implementation 80% 80%
  • Go-Live 100% 100%


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