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by Dec 5, 2017Automation

The future is here.

Are you ready to transform to the factory of the future? The Factory Automation will make the manufacturing shop floor into more efficient, flexible and connected. This will not only enhance the operational effectiveness but also bring profound gains in performance,  productivity and huge savings in the long run to the end user as well as to the manufacturer. Before your customers demand the cost reduction, you should be ready to offer them the savings by transformation.

Automation Assessment

Proper assessment needs to be done in the manufacturing process and the details of the process time, product flow right from the inward store to the dispatch. The machine details, operators and the manufacturing information will help to move to the next step.


Automation Feasibility

The automation feasibility in the factory has to be studied by the experts in automation with the available data. Systematic study will help to find out the feasibility for automation in the current environment using the existing machines and systems.

Automation Strategy

With the assessment data and the feasibility report, the automation strategy for the factory should be made along with budget allocation and management buy-in with all the stakeholders involved. Customers may also be informed in some cases.

Transformation Forces

Real-Time Information

Capturing the shop floor information across the factory on real time basis through sensors and other technologies with software

Process Visibility

Track and trace of the parts and processes across the manufacturing and process industries to get the visibility of work on real time basis

Machine Dependence

Processes have to depend on the machines and not on the operators. The skills of the operators to be moved to the machine by automation

Virtual Process

Process simulation and product simulation by virtual methods can help to avoid physical trials, rework and longer time duration.

Possible Tools for Factory of the Future


3D Printing




Artificial Intelligence

M2M Connectivity

Cloud Technology

Sensors Technology

Your Future Lies in Automation

The automation of the factory should be market driven and can be achieved through indigenous innovation as the future is not going to be successful for factories that cannot upgrade. The production losses, rework, mistakes, scrap, communications errors, production errors,  mismanagement and non-traceability are all going to be very fatal in future.


The priorities for industrial manufacturers are making disruptive shift towards embracing automation with technology to optimize the operations, bring savings and improve end customer experience. Min 30% to 50% savings in Labour costs can be achieved.

Plan for a better Future

Priority to get business benefits

Automation for operational excellence not only brings productivity improvement and cost savings but the responsiveness to the customer order which is the major driving factor in any business.

The ability of the factory to supply the products to the demand on time, on quality, and to the desired specifications is going to be possible only through automation in future.

Choice is Yours

The success depends on the decision that the companies make on which activities to automate, what level of automation to do and which technologies to deploy. Companies should ensure that their plans should be in line with their business strategy to achieve their business goals. Good Luck !



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