Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

The SmartCart – Daifuku AGVs is a Cost-effective solution that provides optimal flexibility for moving materials around your manufacturing facility or warehouse

Eliminate Conveyor. Reduce Labor.

Move Point to Point

Increase Productivity

AGVs provide un-interrupted material movement to and from warehouse and production lines in the factory

Reduce Operational Costs

AGVs reduce the manpower in material movement and thereby reducing the operational costs in the factory

Improve Ergonomics

AGVs help to avoid the accidents and human fatigue happens during the heavy material movement in factories

Run Continuously

SmartCart AGVs are automatic, durable and they provide reliable and consistent point-to-point movement of everything from small parts to heavy pallets around the factory to meet the production timelines 24×7 in 3 shifts 

Production Lines

SmartCart is ideal for moving components in the process from a machine shop or press shop or welding shop to other processes such as paint shop or assembly shop or warehouse by trolley tugging or directly placed on load handling frames attached to the AGVs.

Assembly Operations

SmartCarts can be integrated with a load handling frame or a scissor lift to move your specific products. It can form a continuous moving line where an unlimited number of SmartCarts remain synchronized at a close distance while traveling at a slow speed.


SmartCart tuggers are used in warehouses and distribution centers. There are options with a single or dual roller conveyor for delivering pallets to and from roller conveyor systems. The fork type SmartCart is perfect for picking up and dropping off pallets.

Move Repetitively

Material pick-up and drop can be repetitively done using a software program to match the production cycle time. It helps to achieve uninterrupted production and improve productivity.

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