About Us

CLOUDDEWS’s mission is to accelerate the manufacturing through automation with latest technologies for the business advantage and create a better world. Clouddews was founded in 2015 by experienced engineering professionals along with couple of senior experts in the industry who wanted to make a difference in the manufacturing space and prove that the industries can bring success only if they transform to the current disruption.  Clouddews believes the faster the industries transform and move towards automation, the better.

Clouddews solutions to manufacturing industries :

  • Factory Automation
  • Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • Industrial-IoT
  • Manufacturing Analytics

The objective is to make a positive impact and improve the production performance, process consistency, quality, productivity, reduce the workforce, avoid accidents, reduce labor cost, reduce the overall cost, improve the up-time, improve operational excellence and make the process less dependent on the human intervention.

The AGV solution is the world class product with 60 years of expertise and proven with leading OEMs across the globe. The solution is most reliable and robust for industrial applications. The automation solutions and expertise help the industries move to industry 4.0 and bring automation to the factory with the latest technologies. The scope includes the complete solution implementation on a turn-key basis from assessment, design, manufacturing, system integration, and deployment. We provide the complete automation solutions from concept generation, evaluation, mechanical system design, development, control systems selection/finalization, information handling, management and analytics.

And this is just the beginning. While binging the most valuable solutions, Clouddews continues to work on challenging applications with more and more industries, ultimately accelerating the operational excellence and reducing the cost. Clouddews in partnership with world leading product and solution companies become even more powerful – and that’s the future needs.

Clouddews is the world’s most trusted source for industrial automation and implementation leading edge technology. The company provides solutions across a variety of manufacturing industries. We create unique value and bring operational excellence for our customers by:

  • Due diligence, assessment and technical feasibility
  • Accelerating execution timelines
  • Supplying the best in class products and solutions
  • Trouble free, easy maintenance and scalable solutions
  • Reducing the human intervention

CLOUDDEWS’s leadership team possesses decades of experience with the global manufacturing industries  in implementing technology solutions, qualified engineers with project management certification to effectively manage the projects right from the feasibility study till the implementation and handover to the customers. Leadership team’s 25 years of industry experience helps Clouddews to provide the best solutions to its customers globally.