PoC Prototype

We make the first phase of a product prototype that bears close resemblance to the final product but is used to validate the idea and prove feasibility.

Presentation Prototype

We build this prototype for the representation of the product as the final product for promotional and demonstration purpose to the customers.

Design Prototype

We build this prototype with functional & aesthetic properties of the final product using quick fabrication methods to get feedback from all.

Pre Production Prototype

We build this prototype as the final version of the product just like the finished product in every way to go over every aspect of the product in detail.

Functional Testing

We do the functional testing of parts, sub assemblies and main assemblies to verify the functional performance under the operating conditions. The design will be suitably modified based on the test results and the functionality of the system will be validated against the desired acceptance criteria.

Performance Testing

We do assess the performance of the product subjecting it to the live operating conditions and the various parameters will be observed for the required amount of timeline. The test results will be analyzed and will be presented to the design and R&D team for further evaluation and suggestions.

Market Testing

We study the performance of the product in the market from the customer satisfaction point of view and in comparison to competitor products. The data are collected from the users and other stakeholders involved in the project and we analyze the data to make continuous improvements.

Reliability Testing

We do the reliability testing to discover potential problems with the design as early as possible and, ultimately, provide confidence that the system meets its reliability requirements. Reliability testing is performed at several levels, component, unit, assembly, subsystem and system levels.

Low Volume Production

We make products in low volume whenever it takes longer time to make the production tooling and bring the products first in the market. We make the custom products with high quality in turnkey basis over a long period of time to test the products in pilot markets or trials before larger volume is needed.


We do the bench marking of comparing one’s product to industry bests. The parameters such as quality, time and cost are compared against the products from the best firms in the industry, or in another industry where similar processes exist to assess those targets performance level.

Field Failure Analysis

We do analyze the field failures happen with the products and capture the data in all aspects. A detailed root cause analysis will be done and suitable design changes will be incorporated in filed prototypes and tested. The test results will be analyzed and presented to the R&D team for implementation.

Soft Tooling

We do soft tooling and urethane casting to make parts quickly. We use a high quality prototype part to make a flexible mould of the part and then make multiple copies. It is used to produce plastic prototype components (out of Polyurethane Resin) and in some cases wax patterns also for further Investment Casting.


We deliver results