Engage with us for engineering IT services

Product Life-cycle

We provide PLM applications support including the implementation of software, upgrade, maintenance and further support throughout the product life-cycle.

Asset Management

We provide solutions support for the asset management in the asset intensive industries. Our services include implementation, upgrade and support.

Engg. Data & Process

We provide IT applications support for the engineering data and engineering process management to have one information source of truth.

Asset Lifecycle Info

We provide IT services in the asset life-cycle information management to enable all the information related to the assets are integrated and available.

CAD Customization

We customize the CAD applications to automate the repeat processes and build design rules into the system to reduce the design cycle time.


CAD Administration

We provide CAD administration services to industries having high CAD users in CAD management, best practices and tools to improve productivity. 


We build interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM) for large systems like ship, airplanes and the equipment that go into those systems.


Mobile Apps

We build mobile applications for various platforms to support the existing enterprise applications, collecting filed data and for customer usage.


We provide IT services in the manufacturing execution systems to effectively collect the operational data and monitoring it for optimization.


We provide LIMS (Laboratory information management system) application support in implementation, maintenance, upgrade and integration.

IT Applications Support

We provide services for various IT applications used in the engineering and manufacturing industries in build, maintenance and implementation.


We provide GIS services to the industries with a lot of field equipment and assets in building the geo-spatial data and integration with other systems.