Take advantage with our Consulting Engineering Services

Engineering Process

New Product Design process for every industry has to be tailored to suit their business in order to make superior product and get positioned in the market quickly.

Engineering Data

Engineering data across the organization should be latest and correct for all the parts of the products and it must be in a common accessible  repository.

Engineering Change

Engineering change has to follow in a predefined proven process to implement it at appropriate time in all applicable places to avoid conflicts.

CAD Practices

The best practices should be followed in any CAD CAE tool in order to get the fullest technology benefits in a quick timeline and get positioned.

Design Automation

We do design automation as a standalone application or built in the cad system itself  for the repeat design process, calculations and design rules.

CAD Automation

We do CAD automation and customization in various CAD platforms using APIs and rules to improve the productivity and produce error free designs.


Continuous Improvement

We provide consulting services for continuous improvement by studying the existing systems and processes and propose a modified approach.

Cost & Manpower

We provide consulting services for cost reduction of products and processes and also to reduce the manpower in labor intensive processes.

Asset Management

We provide the consulting services for asset intensive industries in bringing a system to manage the assets optimally to improve the usage.

Field Failures

We provide consulting services for industries to study the field failures of products and provide recommendations and design modifications.


Productivity Improvement

We provide consulting service to industries to improve the current productivity level by studying the existing process and make suggestions.

Vendor assessment

We do consulting services for vendor assessment in the sourcing process based on various vendor assessment parameters and provide a report.